Aug 182016


B and B -5 Bedrooms, 11 Bathrooms, Sleeps 50



B and B -5 Bedrooms, 11 Bathrooms, Sleeps 50

RAHWAAS is a place most suited to families, individuals and backpackers went on to globe trotting with economic stay. Its located just 1.5 kms away from Airport and two prominent railway stations viz Gandhi Nagar and Durgapura. Free WiFi available in both the properties. A place to stay like home away from home.

RAHWAAS Jaipur!!


Hi guys! Rahwaas, as the name indicates “a place like home to inhabit”. Its located on the best and famous road of Jaipur named  JLN Marg just one kilometre ahead toward city from airport and one and half kms from the Gandhi Nagar and Durgapura  railway stations connecting all historical and tourist interests on it with straight line. Geographically, this place is the  fusion of traditional and modern jaipur in the sense to find all amenities but with serenity to live in.


It brings the warm comfort of a home,cost-effective, convenient, co-operative and personal – a beautiful, memoir for your travelogue. You can enjoy our home cooked breakfast at very basic cost.


Basic comforts viz WiFi,Lockers and all matched with the international standard of hostel though with the Indian blend depicting art and culture of the common hall  through the master hand of the owner herself thus giving all the buzzing energy to the ‘rahwaasis’ for interaction and to share with each other the activities of the day.


We can arrange heritage tours to enjoy the super specialities of Jaipur viz handmade paper industries, famous Sanganeri print industry, beautiful blue pottery etc. Another mouth watering tour of Jaipur for all the foodies may be arranged, if needed.

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