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Saharia Organic Resort, Jaipur

Welcome to Saharia Organic Resort

In 1992 we bought about 18 hectares of barren farmland and planted more then 10000 trees of various varieties including 2500 Amla (Emblica officinalis) trees, to create a mini forest. In 2006 we plan to plant 5000 trees. With great difficulty we have managed to save the trees from harsh Rajasthan climate, (from 0-45˚C over the course of the year), the trees continue to grow and give fruits.

Slowly and gradually the trees grew bigger, and people came to know about our organic farm and started visiting to see the organic practices.

In 2003 we joined various international organic volunteer organizations ( and started receiving volunteers from all over the world. After seeing the success of the organic farming and the volunteers program we have now started 9 rooms, farm stay, on the farm. This is to promote and create awareness amongst the masses for sustainable organic farming and pollution free environment.


The rooms are all done in earthen style finish of with mud and clay. The roof as you will be able to see from the pictures is of local thatch.

The most exquisite feature of our hospitality has its own natural charm and therapeutic advantages.

This resort for starters is equipped with nine fully functional cottage style rooms and bathrooms all done painstakingly in a style befitting the environment of organic farming.

Minute attention has been paid by us and our helpers and workmen to be in conformity with the nature, even the furniture we provide our guests and volunteers is not polished by chemical paints and varnishes, it is processed by the old theory followed from the olden times in Rajasthan using organic oils and stuff found naturally. The beds have been made by the local artisans in the traditional style.

These rooms stay cool even in very harsh summers and remain warm in severe winters, To top it all even the swimming pool which is a eye pleaser situated in sea of green is cleaned and maintained by organic methods.

Nobody who had seen this barren piece of land will believe what it has become now, Its all because of our and our supporters hard work that this place is what it is now ‘a green oasis’ and now even the villagers near our farm and resort have switched to the methods adopted by us and are fast realizing good economic yields from their corresponding farms.


The Resort is fully equipped with organic accommodation which is befitting the theme of surviving as one with nature.

Nine fully functional cottages or mud huts offer a sober and peaceful environment which are finished in earthen clay and thatched roofs offering full luxurious settings.

Guest will get to see the rural Indian agriculture, we want them to see the success story of our efforts with sustainable organic farming methods being followed and at the same time be a part of it all.

The most exquisite feature of our hospitality has its own natural charm and therapeutic advantages.

Organically maintained Swimming pool with Neem (Azadirachta indica) leaves, is a piece of beauty surrounded by lush green trees of local berry plants and cleaned by organic methods.

More then 40 types of birds which wake you in the morning.
More then 10000 trees of various varieties.
Peaceful environment for reading and writing.
Yoga classes on demand.
Village Safari – tour through rural villages and camel rides.
Campfire and evening entertainment.
Tranquil atmosphere.
Sunrise and sunset and moonrise and moonset.

Great place to meditate, read and write.

Guests can prepare their own food with the help of the local staff so that they can learn finer points about the local cuisine and hone their skills, basically having good time with natural habitat thrown in. Organic food grown on the farm is served. Cereals, vegetables, fruits and milk. Organic tea from our sister plantation in Assam is served.

Rural mud huts – common and attached bathrooms — solar lighting where you can even charge your digital equipment —- equipped kitchen, where you can also cook your own meals on firewood or natural gas.


As can be seen from the map above Saharia Organic Resort is situated 22.5 km from Jaipur and main situated off national highway no.11 (Sikar Road), Off the factory named JCPL there is Surya Vatika Road which leads directly to Saharia Organic Resort.


Saharia Organic Resort
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