Aug 262016

 Pearl Palace Heritage – The Boutique Guesthouse


Pearl Palace Heritage Boutique Hotel is a unique way to experience “Jaipur” the gateway to Rajasthan , one of India’s most vibrant and exotic destinations. Our luxury heritage boutique hotel has rooms having their own distinctive character, it revives the gracious lifestyles of India’s legendary Rajput princes along with various art forms of India . This Heritage boutique hotel combines classic heritage with contemporary elegance . The hotel lays emphasis on quality and understated elegance. From leisure trips to business stays, our personalized services offer you unmatched charisma and world-class hospitality. For your next trip to the pink city, book your stay at the top boutique hotel in Jaipur.

This is an unique hotel and were very happy to get their best suite. each room is unique and doors, walls etc. are all hand crafted, even the staircase is one of a kind. one can see the enthusiasm and effort/money the owners invested. everything is carefully thought trough and is just superb.

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